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Organizations big or small are constantly being targeted by fraudsters. ProgIST Solutions is a new age cyber security solutions company which offers products and services to secure businesses. We are one of the fastest growing organizations in it’s space and has been serving top global brands across sectors including banks, insurers, stock exchanges and online trading firms, finance companies, payment processors, healthcare and pharma companies, manufacturers etc.

We have been awarded the “Top Cyber Security Startup 2019” by the CISO Platform and were adjudicated as the finalist by NASSCOM DSCI for the award category “Most Innovative Product of the Year 2018”.

Our product and service offerings include:

  • ProDMARC and ProDiscover solutions for protecting employees, customers and third parties.
  • ProPhish and ProPatrol solutions for protecting employees.
  • Cyber Security consulting services for protecting businesses.

Products & Services


Email based spoofing attacks are constantly impacting your brand and hence the revenues. ProDMARC helps improve customer and third party trust in your email communications.


Email based spoofing attacks are constantly mimicking your brand name. ProDiscover helps in identifying and blocking cousin and look-alike domains which may impact your stake holders.


ProPatrol facilitates reporting of phishing attacks that have bypassed all security controls. Hence, allows for deeper forensic investigation by your IT / security team


ProPhish is a highly effective simulation based solution to help identify and train employees who are susceptible to targeted phishing attacks. Hence, strengthens the weakest link in your organization.

IS Policy review

The review would ensure that the Policy has appropriate controls needed to keep the organization's information secure and is inline with industry best practices

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

The assessment would provide an in-depth review of organization’s ability to protect it’s information assets and it’s preparedness against cyber threats

Third party risk assessment

The assessment would assess the efficacy of the controls deployed by partners to protect information and/or transactions outsourced

Incident response review

The review would identify through walkthroughs, red-team and blue team exercises, the response and remediation processes instituted for incident management

Application security assessment

The assessment would cover a thorough review of the application's (Web, Mobile, Thick/Thin client, API/web services) to uncover known threats & vulnerabilities using globally acceptable security frameworks

Cloud risk assessment

The assessment would cover a thorough review of the cloud setup of the organization or it’s service provider to identify threats which can lead to a potential breach or data loss

Vulnerability assessment

The assessment would cover identifying, defining and prioritizing the vulnerabilities for infrastructure elements and applications of the organization

Penetration testing

Authorized simulated cyber attacks would be performed to penetrate the setup keeping in perspective the possible scenarios of exploitations using security frameworks like ATT&CK and Cyber kill chain

Wireless security review

Comprehensive analysis and assessment of the wireless security protocols including 802.11 (WiFi), 802.15.1 (Bluetooth), NFC, RFID would be performed using latest tools to identify all possible loop holes

Forensic assessment

The assessment would assist in identifying the modus operandi of a compromise, extent of damage, possible detective and preventive solutions

Physical access control & security testing

The review would encompass effectiveness testing of the physical security controls for critical premises such as Data centers, Central Offices, Data processing units etc

Network security review

The review would cover aspects related to the network technology deployed at the organization including the topology and configurations of network elements

Why choose us?

Our team members are highly motivated cyber security enthusiasts, hand picked with strong hands-on industry experience. Being practitioners ourselves, we understand the problems which are being faced by businesses today. ProgIST stands for:

Pro – Professionals

Highly experienced professionals with best-in-industry exposure.

G – Go-getters

Highly motivated team members equipped to solve challenging security problems.

I – Insightful

Experts keep abreast with latest happenings & hence equipped to provide pragmatic solutions.

S – Skilled

Highly skilled team to accept challenges posed by continuously evolving threat landscape.

T - Team-players

High collaborative team, ready to support complex business setups.

50 +


400 +


200 +

Years of experience


Smart Workers

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