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Discovered Tags

The tags and their definitions pulled from the record for

Tag TagValue Name Description
v DMARC1 Version Identifies the record retrieved as a DMARC record. It must be the first tag in the list.
p reject Policy Policy to apply to email that fails the DMARC test. Valid values can be 'none', 'quarantine', or 'reject'.
rua mailto:rua.progist@progist.in Receivers Addresses to which aggregate feedback is to be sent. Comma separated plain-text list of DMARC URIs.
ruf mailto:ruf.progist@progist.in Forensic Receivers Addresses to which message-specific failure information is to be reported. Comma separated plain-text list of DMARC URIs.
fo 1 Forensic Reporting Provides requested options for generation of failure reports. Valid values are any combination of characters '01ds' seperated by ':'.

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